tufts grad, DC transplant, spelling bee champ & aspiring cat lady


It’s likely that Google brought you here. Having a last name like mine has given me some SEO prowess that even my most wishful German forefathers could never have predicted. It comes with some pros and cons. On one hand, Google’s affinity for my last name will come in mighty handy when I hit it big in the karaoke circuit. All the Smiths and Johnsons and Millers of the world will be trampling each other for domain registrations, social media handles, and top search engine rankings while I sit smugly by and rack up the page views. On the other hand, I will never escape that one photo from my eighth grade math team.

It works out pretty well for you too, potential future employer. Instead of digging through pages and pages of search results wondering which results are mine, I’m a step ahead of you. I’ve collected the important, relevant, and even sometimes embarrassing information about me and put it in this one spot, just for you.



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